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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift


It all began with a 35mm Praktica TL 1000. Pictures on film, a maximum of 36 shots, so keep your eyes on when choosing the subject and the settings on the camera. Developed in a small laboratory in my room. After a long break then in the mid-90s started to take pictures again. Initially with a small digital "pocket snap" then with a DSLR. In the meantime, I switched to a mirrorless system from Fujifilm. What do I photograph? I don't let me determine. Whether landscape, people or abandoned places. Photographing is what I feel like. I like to try new things. Not hunting for the 'perfect Shot'. My pictures are not perfect, they should not be. Because life is not perfect. I'm not perfect. Fortunately!

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